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11-04-2006 01:11 AM

تحليل خارطة ميلاد هيلاري كلينتون Hilary Clinton
ولدت هيلارى كلينتون Hilary Clinton
في Chicago, IL, USA
بتاريخ Oct 26, 1947, 20:00
وهذه هى خارطة ميلادها


وهذا تحليل لشخصيتها
Sun in Scorpio

The Scorpio represents one of the strongest, most intelligent signs of the zodiac. He or she has a deep well of strength that, if tapped into, can produce a powerful ally, or a vindictive enemy. A huge abundance of energy usually makes this person a powerful achiever and go-getter; the Scorpio is not lazy. Though their worst fault is jealousy, in all arenas, they also have the power within to turn this around and DO something about it.

Above all, the Scorpio represents the Phoenix, that ancient symbol of death and resurrection from the ashes of youth, that fire that never dies but merely rises above and continues to change into something else. An argument is not merely an argument to a Scorpio, nor is it a chance to butt heads, but rather an experience of expressing and listening so that both participants can "rise above" and come out in a better position than when they began. This energy of the Scorpio is also frequently seen in sports, and needs to be properly channeled in order to be given full expression.

Scorpios have an uncanny ability to get to the root of any problem, and they have a rawness of perception that makes them almost psychic. Their deep, incisive analytical mind makes them natural detectives or spies, and they are frequently workaholics, cramming each work day with hours of productiveness. They are excellent, relentless workers and excel in anything involving the Eighth House: trusts and inheritances, mortuaries, psychology and counseling, and the occult. They are masters at using other people's money to build their own fortunes, and can be extravagantly generous to charities or other worthy causes.

The mystery sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are frequently intriguing, with a truly dynamic and majestic way of going about a problem or situation. This sign is also the sign of death, but manifests itself in the struggle between the soul and the personality. The personality is usually the loser, because the Scorpio's stinger many times stings itself to death. This is where the Phoenix comes in--to resurrect the person to new heights, a new beginning, or a new way of thinking.

Thus, change is constant for a Scorpio, who is involved all the time in death, rebirth and renewal. For the Scorpio, there is no in-between--life is many times a matter of life and death, black and white, devil vs. angel, etc. They don't know the meaning of indifference, and tend to be either your friend or your enemy. There is no shade of gray. Once you've gained the trust of a Scorpio, you've won him forever--unless you hurt him in some way. Then he can become mean, vindictive, and will attempt to get even.

Scorpios have a very strong reserve, and a lot is hidden below the surface. They command respect from acquaintances due to their strong, quiet exterior, and many times work to earn the respect of close ties. They also usually show a lot of creativity, and a great ability for sarcasm with their deadly tongue, which can get them in trouble. This stinger can also, for some, show as a dark side of cruelty, sadism, and enmity. For others, who are more evolved, the stinger helps them transform their lives for the better. They are truly courageous, not afraid of anything. Their endurance makes them plow ahead, overcoming any obstacle in their path.

Though they are considered the "sexiest" sign of the zodiac, Scorpios have gotten a bad rap for being almost sleazy. They simply have strong passions that need regenerating, and a tremendous pride that seems to say, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Scorpios are a master at hiding their emotions. They have a tremendous strength and power when they have managed to rise above their personality and seek power not for themselves, but to heal and bless others. They reach their goals through service, purity, compassion and humility. They have a need to redeem and transform their natures, and to have a happy marriage. Their innate curiosity makes them probe deeply into all things, seeking the meaning behind the surface. They dig out concealed facts, and are one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. A highly evolved Scorpio is psychic, having a rich inner life that is passionate about metaphysics.

On the negative side, Scorpios can be extremely critical, like their allies the Virgos. This can lead to a difficulty with co-workers because of strong judgments of them. Scorpios need to have more stability and steadiness with partners. Their great stubbornness makes them sometimes outsiders, tending to be lone wolves rather than equal partners in relationships.

A Scorpio woman turns heads and grabs attention by her steamy sexuality. She has the power of presence, and a boldness and need for honesty unparalleled in the zodiac. Never, never lie to her, or she'll cut you off. A passionate lover, she can also be jealous or possessive. What she shows on the outside is not necessarily what she's really feeling, unless she's angry. Her rage can explode, with a sarcasm or a piercing look that really stings. Her intuition can be so developed that she borders on the clairvoyant; this can be seen in her eyes. As a mother, she is fiercely devoted and protective, creating a loving and comfortable home for kids.

A Scorpio man is intense, passionate and private. Everything he does is compelling--the way he dresses, his eyes, the way he walks. He radiates sexual energy, is powerful to ignore--even if you don't like him. Often he has some wonderful talent that he pursues passionately, but he may not get any money for it. He may put his energy into music, art, writing, acting, or astrology, or he may put all his energy into his family. He enjoys sports, especially the more violent ones such as football or hunting.

In romance, no other sign brings such raw power or intensity to a relationship. The question is: how will this intensity be manifested? Will it be in a fury or jealousy? Will it be in fiery, unbridled passion? Take a chance and get involved with the mysterious Scorpio. The ever-changing Scorpio is highly compatible with its polar opposite-- the steady bull, or Taurus--but in an argument neither one will give in. Scorpios are also good matches for other Scorpios, as long as they understand each other's intensity and passion. Other water signs, such as Pisces or Cancer, may prove too weak for the intensity of the Scorpio.

In religion, the Scorpio tends to form bonds with organized religions, enjoying ritual and the sense of belonging there. They may also lean to unorthodox belief systems, with a passion and sincerity that is never dishonest. Because Scorpios are ruled by Pluto--the god of the underworld--they can sometimes have a connection with the ethereal, other world of spirit, which is often metaphysical. They have an ability to transform energy, or change impure selfish desires into the gold of purity. They are fascinated by the big issues of death and life, and are attracted to a religion that leaves room for exploring these.

Scorpios tend to have a few, very intense relationships, rather than a coterie of acquaintances. It may be that the Scorpio's stinger alienates some possible friends; it may be that fewer individuals are capable of flying so close to the sun, or so close to the deeper issues, as the Scorpio does. It may also be that few are capable of rising from its own ashes, of changing--for the good or bad--as a Scorpio can. How many can keep up, to view the new person constantly emerging? Yet it is true that those who enjoy watching the Scorpio as it makes people see the hidden, secret meanings of life--as it rises unscathed and transforms those around it--will be most loyal and appreciative friends.

Above all, Scorpios are survivors. Though they are typically very erotic (their sign rules the sex organs), they don't use people but instead help them transcend themselves. You probably won't forget an encounter with a Scorpio.

Sun in the Fifth House

The Sun shines brightly here, since it is the ruler of the Fifth House and of its own sign, Leo. A person's self-expression and creativity are enhanced, and typically there is a flair for artistic expression and anything involving the theater, entertainment or the arts, such as music or film. This is the house of creativity, pleasure, children, love affairs, risk-taking, and the father. A strong Sun placement here will affect a person's reaction to procreation, pleasure, and the arts. He or she will have a great love of life, thanks to the Leonine influence of this house, and is typically competitive and sometimes egotistical. They love children, but often have none of their own--unless the house cusp is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Parents will tend to push their children into the limelight, sometimes too much; they need to learn to let go and watch their children take a natural path. Nonetheless, they are usually very happy people, intense lovers, and find any occasion to proclaim: "Party Time!" They have many friends, pursue romance actively, and always seek to have a good time. They also have a fondness for animals, having several pets of their own, and sometimes can get caught up in gambling or other speculative investments. The Sun is well-placed here, and stimulates the power of self-expression so that a person generally finds the ability to do anything, and puts forth great energy. This is also the house of hidden karma, with people here acting and creating from an inner life-urge, rather than to boast or for self-glorification--unless the Sun receives negative energy from other planets, which may bring bad luck with children. There may also be some underlying need for the thrill of danger, which may be satisfied through risky sports.

Sun trine Midheaven

This aspect gives you leadership ability and increases your chances for success in your career. It is a favorable position for all occupations in public life. Your family will likely be a help to your professional ambitions; they support you completely. Both your professional and domestic life will be harmonious.

Sun trine Ascendant

You probably have good relationships with most people you meet, and you like to get along with people by cooperating--this helps you achieve what you want also. You are naturally optimistic and honest, which brings you many opportunities in life; you don't like and won't tolerate dishonesty in others. You don't have many problems expressing who you are.

This aspect gives much energy, willpower and self-confidence. It is also a good aspect for a happy marriage.

Gemini on the Ascendant, Sagittarius on the Descendant

Cleverness and wit are two traits you likely possess, as Gemini will lend anyone an uncanny ability to relate to people and communicate ideas, knowledge or information. You are versatile and adaptable, with an ability to blend into situations that involve all different kinds of people and events. You hate to say "no" to new opportunities, and being committed to just one thing is difficult for you. As a result, you must guard against being overcommitted and becoming a "jack of all trades" as your mind is naturally attracted to a smorgasbord of ideas and inventions.

A Gemini rising is the most inquisitive and friendly of all rising signs. Many times these people appear as if they are in constant motion: their hands gesticulate, their eyes dart, they talk a lot. Restlessness is apparent, as is the desire to find something just beyond their reach. They crave change and new ideas; they stagnate with the same old ones. They have an ability to use words to say exactly what they mean, leaving them witty, well informed and quick. They have an easy way of handling people and can move into powerful positions because of this. They are less superficial than those with a Gemini sun sign.

Your sense of identity will be enhanced if you develop an ability to communicate verbally or through writing, which likely comes easy to you. You are like a sieve, picking up information and distributing it among people after sifting through its contents. You must guard against losing touch with your body and feelings as your mind forges ahead at lightning speed. Depending on the nature of your chart, this ability can add or take away from your stability or reliability. It could lead to restlessness, in which case there would be a need to develop a more objective and analytical approach to life.

Sagittarius on the Descendant or 7th house cusp can help a Gemini rising maintain a sense of direction or goal. Often, those with Gemini rising seek out individuals who can provide this kind of security or fixed focus. The dual nature of this placement gives these people two sides, and at times they can even look like two different people. They can be happy or sad, satisfied yet dissatisfied, challenged yet bored. This is because there is a tendency for one side of their mind to be blind to what the other side is doing. This is not intentional, and close friends or family of a Gemini rising should not take this personally. Also, they many times appear as if they have not lived up to their potential, and they feel as if there is another experience waiting that can help them achieve happiness.

You typically go out of your way to keep busy. You may love puzzles or games that occupy the mind, and typically put a lot of energy into projects, although you may worry about the details later. You have a need for speed, but also need to develop the patience that would help you complete those projects you start. This hatred of boredom may lead you into several marriages, changes of address, or jobs. Still, you have a natural sense of drama that gives you the ability to brighten any experience. It is this quality, though not emotional, that attracts people to you. It is a mental outlook, even despite a charming exterior warmth.

Physically, a Gemini rising has small, sharp features, warm eyes filled with humor, a friendly smile, and graceful arms. You tend to age well, and move with quickness. Watch for the placement of Mercury within your birth chart, as this planet is an especially important influence on you and can confer high intellect, perception, cleverness and a flair for language. Unfortunately, it can also bring arrogance, sarcasm or even cynicism.

The characteristics of Gemini rising will blend well with a person's Sun sign, and many times bring a singleness of purpose coupled with a great versatility and diversity of interest in terms of career or study. There may be a need for challenge or a tendency to take risks. There usually is a need for freedom of expression within a permanent relationship, and that should not be treated lightly by your partner.

Moon in Pisces

The mysterious moon coupled with the mystical Pisces is a double-edged match. Watch out for your own power. This denotes a strong psychic position, with innate sensitivity and emotional acuity that can make you an outstanding artist, musician, or poet. On the downside, you are easily hurt by the words and actions of others. Sometimes, this can lead to neurosis or even psychosis. Sometimes, the moon can dominate here and make you extremely timid.

Emotions flow through you like water; you sense what is invisible to others. You are like a psychic sponge, soaking up the feelings and vibes of others, yet often your compassion makes you gullible and impractical. You are a visionary, dreamer, romantic, and a diviner of discontent. You approach life with great gentleness, which doesn't help you in practical matters. Your great, heightened sensitivity to life helps you musically and poetically, but you suffer a great deal due to the moon's difficult position. You need to strengthen your will, and to build a tougher coat around you to survive the impact of others' thoughts and feelings.

Because Pisces and the moon deal with emotions, these two forces are highly charged here. The emotional forces are most powerful, and when the moon is in Pisces, everything becomes emotional. This is very different from when the moon is in Aries because the emotions are discharged through different channels. You are easily moved--to great happiness, or great sorrow. You may be moved by a beautiful orchestral piece, or by a disastrous earthquake. You also have a desire to contribute something to society, usually through some charity.

The moon here adds sensitivity and imagination to your creativity; however, it can weaken your character. There may be a tendency to lie and to be deceptive, towards yourself and others. These spontaneous lies are a retreat to negativism, and show your desire to escape society. Guard against these bad habits. Strive to be positive, caring, sacrificial. You may be especially attracted to the caring professions, such as nursing, teaching, and social work.

Moon in the Tenth House

Your reputation--what others think of you--is very important. You crave fame, and typically have an ability to govern large groups. Many famous people have their moon in the Tenth House, associated with Capricorn. You are widely loved, even idolized at times, and show sympathy for the people around you. There is a need for change or variety in your career, and you follow a definite direction in life.

You have a good sense of timing, with fluctuations in career, business, and employment. You have an innate ability to read public opinion, which helps you in your job. Women help you as you climb the ladder, and many times influence your career. With positive influence, you may be prosperous; alternatively, this placement can lead to public scandal if there is negative energy from other planets.

Your feelings are dominated by your desire for achievement. You are highly self-protective and work for the public. You achieve success and most likely will change your career many times. You control your emotions and use your social connections to your advantage. Families with high standing are seen with this placement, and this moon frequently foretells of prominence in public life. These people are driven by a need for recognition and prominence.

Moon square Ascendant

You may experience difficulties in expressing your emotions, thus creating problems with your relationships, especially marriage. Your emotions may be blocked. You need to pay attention to any habitual attitudes and patterns, and most importantly you need to work through your emotions in order to communicate your thoughts to others. Remember that you can break free from the restricting chains surrounding your feelings, although you may need help doing it.

Moon trine Jupiter

You are optimistic, charitable to others, and devoted to your home, family and parents. This aspect indicates a happy and satisfying family life, and even financial prosperity--you may gain through inheritance or through your own business. Indeed, there is great luck and blessings here, perhaps because you served compassionately in another lifetime. You likely have an expansive imagination, and your unconscious desires may prompt you to seek out ancient cultures or travel to find some type of past-life connections. You can succeed in literature, publishing, education, religion, philosophy, spiritual affairs, and anything to do with the occult. Undoubtedly spiritual beliefs form an intricate part of your inner life. If you want, you can serve as a model and inspire others.

Moon square Uranus

You are probably high-strung, moody and unpredictable--up one day, down the next, like an emotional roller coaster. This is not good for motherhood, especially if you are a woman--you may not be the maternal type. If you are a mother, try to relax your nerves as your children may suffer as a result. If you are a man, you may attract a moody mate. In either case, sudden, unpredictable emotional storms may interfere with your life. You need to guard against making sudden decisions, such as entering upon a hasty marriage.

Some astrologers believe that this aspect brings with it terrible external circumstances, such as accidents, illnesses or natural disasters. Others believe that the individual is emotionally restless and never internally satisfied because he or she flits from one thing to another in search of an 'ultimate' answer. If this sounds like you, there may be a problem because you haven't defined what 'ultimate' means yet. You probably have exceptional talents that reflect your true individual spirit, but don't know quite how or where to harbor them yet. This aspect usually brings with it ingenuity and great talent, but it also leans towards perversity and sudden mood swings.

Mercury in Scorpio

Quick, powerful and sharp, you are intensely secretive, with an aversion to commitment and an extremely perceptive mind. It's difficult to pin you down, and you know other people's weaknesses inside and out--you know where to strike. Mercury in this sign gives you a fierce acuteness of mind that is far-sighted, clear-sighted, overly critical, yet freely passes judgment. Indeed, both the "I" of the ego and the sixth sense are developed here, making you an excellent secret service agent or undercover cop.

Your creativity is heightened, but it needs regeneration. You may also be "oversexed" if your total chart does not show some other mature development. Deeply intuitive, you are also suspicious, probing, with a mental need to perceive the hidden order of things, to pierce "order" and unveil the truth. Still, you can be sarcastic and wry, with a great spiritual core that seeks out greater depths of understanding. You can be self-centered, concerned only with gratifying physical desires. If you are overly determined, you can be scheming or even unscrupulous.

With this placement, Scorpio's intuition and intensity are combined with Mercury's logic and rationalism. You have determination, an investigative mind, and you are a truth-seeker. This can lead to obsession if not properly monitored. Mercury is not very communicative in this sign, and is more inward-looking or catered towards self-analysis. You probably find yourself deep in thought many times. You should counter this by thinking about others in order to achieve success.

If you are a Libra, Mercury in Scorpio adds determination and a sense of purpose, and the indecisiveness will be lessened. Charm may be combined with scheming or plotting. If you are a Scorpio, you will undoubtedly have a double whammy of intense intuition and determination, giving you excellent intellectual powers and a fascination with mysteries. If you are a Sagittarius, Mercury here counters any dislike of detail, reducing the hasty attitude towards life and adding depth and less emotion.

Mercury in the Sixth House

Mercury in the Sixth House is a strong placement because Mercury's influence is enhanced, since it occupies its own Virgo house. You are an excellent communicator, with a sharp critical edge that shouldn't be forcibly expressed as it may alienate people. You are also good at analyzing every aspect of a task or project, can talk through the results, and can contribute good evidence to make some kind of conclusion.

However, you may have a tendency to worry too much, which could cause stomach upset or bowel troubles. Try not to dwell too much on your problems. Keep to your practical approach to life, and strive to be philosophical. You enjoy routine and serving others, and are good at organizing others--but not necessarily yourself. You are good at carrying out orders, knowing what is expected, and striving for perfection.

You may be interested in some kind of fad diet, or vegetarianism. You watch your diet very carefully. You must guard against becoming ill as a result of negative thinking. Your biggest challenge is to overcome any excessive worry or concern over your body, and instead channel your energy into service to others. If you stay busy, your body will take care of itself. You may have restlessness, and a desire to change regarding work. You are practical and detailed, but dislike routine. Most likely, you would enjoy gathering information and using it to consciously change some kind of belief system. You also would enjoy a job dealing with curing physical ailments.

Mercury square Saturn

You're a thinking person with profound issues on your mind, with the ability to grasp complex issues. Unfortunately, you also tend to dwell on unimportant details or get bogged down in negative thinking. You may worry about the past, concentrating on injustices and injuries that hurt you at one time but that only hold you back now. You need to break free of these habitual patterns, and forgive those who have injured you. Release the past--it is actually a selfish tendency to indulge in "if only" thinking.

You may also be inhibited mentally, or have problems with depression. Some astrologers believe this aspect leads to difficulties with relatives or family members, or that people may experience problems concentrating if they are going to school which may result in a delay in getting educated. In addition, it is recommended that you don't smoke.

Mercury conjunct Venus

This aspect gives you much grace and attraction, especially with the opposite sex. You have a refined, artistic mind that can excel in speaking, writing, art or entertainment--if developed. Venus may make you fickle, however, and you may experience marriage twice in your lifetime. You never have to raise your voice to make your point. People respect you, and your popularity is well deserved. You have no time for coarse or crude behavior--you tend to be charming instead. Depending on which side of the brain you favor, you are likely to have a literary talent or a scientific flair. Venus may also help you to acquire money, possessions or property easily.

Venus in Scorpio

The love and attraction of Venus coupled with Scorpio's steamy sexuality and passion is a heady mixture--sex is the keyword here. You likely have strong emotions and sexual desires, are passionate, jealous, secretive and sensual. You can be faithful and enduring, or lustful and demanding, but no matter what, you maintain your dignity and pride in all circumstances. If you are a woman, you will use your sex appeal to get your way and manipulate people. Love-hate relationships are common here, and once a romance is broken, it is never mended.

You have a need for a rewarding, harmonious, and loving relationship, yet can be jealous and resentful at times, with an inability to forgive and forget. Venus' energy will need some kind of outlet, and your romanticism can become disproportionate, showing negative escapism under stress. Venus is at her sexiest best here, and this is certain to cause rivalry and possessiveness. Love needs regeneration and reorientation in relationships, and your attraction to the opposite sex is often stormy until the lack of love is recognized and redeemed with something real.

You likely have a flair for business and investment, and may gain financially through inheritances, taxes, insurance, and the occult. Your friends may have mystical and occult talents. If you are a Virgo, a conflict can arise between your modesty and your sexual desires, which you may want to cover up. If you are a Libra, you have an air of romantic mystery--or femmes fatales--with Scorpio adding an intensity and sense of purpose to your personality. A Scorpio will have more romance added to his or her sex life, which can lead to obsession; a Sagittarius will have increased passion, and a need for independence clashing with intense feelings, with possibly a jealous streak. If you are a Capricorn, you will take your love life very seriously, with deep, intense, powerful feelings. Sometimes there is a conflict between emotion and the practical approach to life you so embrace.

Venus in Scorpio provides an all-consuming experience for you, a profound intensity of emotion, yet you can take your love higher to a spiritual level. Try to channel this energy into artwork, as you are likely to produce something original and compelling. Watch for a lucrative relationship through a business partner.

Venus in the Fifth House

Romance may be vitally important to you, and you add zest and color to your love life. You are likely talented in the performing arts, or you appreciate the arts very much. You are well liked, with a deep love of children, and a love of luxury, making you stylish and elegant. Though you have a tendency to put your loved one on a pedestal, this placement is known for happy love affairs, although pain is possible when things go wrong. You are probably very attractive, or attract people to you like a magnet.

You may have a fascination with financial risk-taking which can lead to disaster, especially with speculation and investments; try to control your gambling instincts. Skillful games, such as chess or bridge, can be played with talent and enjoyment. Your children may have unusual artistic or musical talent. You may gain through a romantic partner or offspring, and you may have a real fondness for beautiful animals.

Your undoing is your great love of pleasure; try to contain it. Channel your creative ability with discipline so that you can truly express yourself; this will bring you happiness. It will also bring you successful love affairs, and gain through speculation. You can be of great service to teenagers or young people in their twenties.

Venus square Pluto

You have a tendency to give in to your overwhelming sexual passions, and unfortunately this aspect does not favor harmonious marriages or partnerships. You need to guard against letting lust or greed run rampant in your life; there may be much stress in a love relationship until you have resolved this conflict. Loneliness will also be a problem until you learn to truly love. You need to realize that your problem is within, rather than in other people; until you do so you will experience many disappointments in your emotional life.

Some astrologers believe this aspect can bring on unfavorable external events, such as war, or that you could attract people involved in extreme activities, even criminal activities, such as prostitution or sex-related crimes. At its highest form, however, the most positive use of this aspect is to use service to bring about peace, love and understanding to those less fortunate. If you can do that, you will have achieved wisdom.

Venus square Mars

Mars and Venus here gives you much sexual attraction , which may lead to an early marriage. Guard against making hasty vows or entering unwise marriages, as they can lead to suffering. If you are a woman, you may have suffered from a father or husband and feel oppressed in some way. For either sex, there are problems in romance here--you may use loved ones or be used by them for sexual gratification. There may also be a lack of refinement in social conduct, and a need to control your passions. If you don't, great harm can come to you.

There is a danger of becoming attached to the wrong kind of people due to your strong passions. You may enter upon stormy relationships that go nowhere. In addition, your spending habits may border on the extravagant, and lead you into financial trouble. Some advice is to cultivate balance, control your passions and emotions. Your animal self (Mars) needs taming or it could become cruel or ruthless if left undeveloped. Your basic conflict is between passion and love. Let the higher value win out.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo is a dynamic combination, a fiery burst of energy that is met with a regal need for attention and affection. You tend to dominate friends and lovers, but you also shower them with love and radiance. You also tend to attract lovers due to your desire to please and your magnetic personality. You enjoy lovemaking, and tend to be very creative and lavish with your partners. You have a desire to assert yourself in a dramatic, showy way, whether through writing, the stage, or some other kind of public display.

Your pride and sense of self would never allow you to take the backstage or become a casual observer--that wouldn't give you enough of the personal attention you crave. Though you are warm, expressive, and probably talented, your desires are activated and amplified by the affection you receive. If you are not complimented or appreciated, or in some other way recognized for your efforts, you can become pushy and dominating in order to get your way. You may even resort to being overbearing or condescending to mask your real sense of insecurity.

Often this placement means you have luck regarding speculation or gambling; however, don't rely on this since your luck can just as easily change. You probably do have much luck in cultivating powerful and talented people, for you are a natural magnet due to the energy of Mars and the expressiveness of Leo. Learn to recognize your own power and use it in a positive way. You are a team leader with lots of energy; this energy will likely be spent on your career and will cause you to shine and be successful in some way.

Mars in the Third House

Martian energy coupled with the House of Gemini gives you a lively mind, abundant mental energy, and a restless ability to assert yourself in any environment. You are not afraid to say what you really think and may need to learn tact and diplomacy to get yourself out of sticky situations. Forceful is the key word here; your communication is vigorous, shows independent thinking, and may sometimes be argumentative. You need to learn caution, and if other planets here somehow negatively influence Saturn, you could learn discipline in your thoughts and feelings.

Slow down and listen to those around you, as you can easily make errors based on hasty and rash thinking. Although it is much better for you to express your thoughts and feelings rather than bottle them up (which usually results in you "blowing off steam" when you least expect it), you need to channel your aggression and lightning-quick mind into positive outlets. Doing this may also give you the patience you need to engage in real discourse without becoming easily distracted or rudely interrupting.

Nonethless, your active, quick mind gives you a piercing intellect and a real verbal ability and wit that could make you the life of the party; refrain from attacking any subject you feel like. Instead, try to talk or write any harsh thoughts down in solitude. You may find this helps you control a burgeoning temper.

Unfortunately, your temper in early life may cause conflicts with siblings, teachers, or neighbors, though you are likely very protective of your brothers and sisters and friends. Overall, you have a lot of inquisitiveness and an urgency to know things at the moment. Just remember the mind is a double-edged sword which can pierce and uncover things of value, yet can also cause destruction and harm if not channeled properly.

Mars conjunct Pluto

This is a combination that needs to be handled wisely. It confers much power, energy, willpower and courage. You have no fear of death and danger, but don't be foolhardy, and in primitive cases this can lead to violent or criminal behavior. You likely have great physical strength and a powerfully magnetic personality. Your true self, however, depends on which planet is more dominant. If Mars is stronger, your baser emotions may come into play: lust, passion, greed, power through others, manipulation. At its worst, these can lead to cruelty, savage feelings, or violence. If Pluto is more forceful, however, you may have the capacity to transform and regenerate yourself, and to become a spiritual leader. The difference is in how you use your power--don't use force to attain your ends.

If your animal self is stronger, it may just need restraint or taming. Use it in a positive way, and don't disregard any rules or society's regulations. Be a reformer, not a destroyer. If you can tap into your spiritual side, Pluto can help tame the nasty elements of Mars, and you may become a courageous hero with a desire to overcome the bad habits that once imprisoned and handicapped you.

Mars sextile Neptune

You have exceptional imagination and superior energy, and can see through the motives of others--you are not easily fooled. You are blessed with acute psychic ability that can help you in your profession. Secretive but honest, you are likely creative in dance, music or some other medium. You are compassionate, gentle and can benefit from meditation, yoga or a vegetarian lifestyle. Stay true to yourself and you will encounter no problems with dishonesty.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

The influence of Jupiter is expansion, and merged with Sagittarius there is a highly philosophical and spiritual desire to know and understand the larger truths of life. Here is the eternal student, forever questing and searching for answers. This is a good placement for Jupiter, and likely the best sides of the planet emerge--qualities such as the ability to be carefree, outgoing, optimistic, generous, deep and farsighted. The negative qualities, such as narrow-mindedness, are minimized here. Your life is broadened by this combination, which gives you a desire to travel and see the world, especially foreign cultures. You may have a flair for learning languages, or an appreciation of exotic food.

This lucky placement usually means success, especially in the areas of religion, metaphysics, law, and even finance; often money is gained through inheritance. Women will make good executives, and many writers and publishers also have this placement for Jupiter, which connotes good intellectual power and a desire to grow by following a goal--one's inner bliss. This is a happy sign, so relax and take advantage of opportunities for outer and inner exploration. Jupiter gives you general trust, optimism, and a philosophical approach to life; be careful that you don't overextend that energy and scatter your focus, or take too many risks in a careless manner. Be joyful and appreciative, but don't be blind. As you get older and wiser, you will appreciate more the gifts that Jupiter gives, and will likely become more grounded with a deep philosophical foundation.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

You probably have lots of energy to put into your work, and are constantly refining your skills so that you can be of service to your company, boss or co-workers. Though you may be conscientious and detail-oriented, you can see the big picture and take a lot of pride in your work. You are probably well-liked and respected in your job, are a loyal and dependable worker, and have good relations with your colleagues. You strive to make a practical contribution to society and to the workplace, and may be good at healing--both mentally and physically.

This placement makes people successful in work that involves service to others, the healing professions, or any work traditionally associated with the planet Jupiter--travel, public relations, education, culture, sports, religion. You may even be attracted to spiritual or psychic healing, massage, or alternative medicine. However, if other planets negatively affect Jupiter, you may be lazy and prone to overindulgence of food or drink, and have physical ailments. You may also be careless, arrogant, or lazy. If you do have weight gain this could be due to a slow metabolism. The best advice is not to overdo any bad habits, and seek always to improve your health through disciplined exercise routines.

Generally, though, this placement means good health, positive medical treatment, and if you treat yourself appropriately, makes you an inspirational healing source for others. Performing the right work that benefits others is essential to your well being. You are naturally helpful, generous and cheerful towards others, and will freely and good-naturedly give of your time and money. Guard against becoming a workaholic. If you get sick, remember that this may be a sign that you need to take time to give attention to yourself, and that you need to avoid excess.

Jupiter square Midheaven

You may harbor grandiose ideas about your own worth and potential. You need to have more humility and common sense, and strive to be more realistic about your abilities. You probably have a large family and home that place heavy burdens on you.

Saturn in Leo

The showy, dynamic influence of Leo will be disciplined here by Saturn's stern inner structure and awesome capability to take on responsibility. While you may be enthusiastic and highly creative, it is also likely that there is a serious, practical side to your personality that is constructive and does not conflict with other elements in your chart. You have the urge and fire to express yourself artistically in any medium, and Leo gives you a desire to be recognized for your work and to feel validated. Saturn will make sure you work hard to achieve your ambitions, but it might also give you self-doubt; at its worst, you could become terrified of your own insignificant or mediocre achievements.

This placement will give you excellent staying power, determination, and the ability to lead and organize others. You are likely loyal, with a noble regality and a liking for convention and things that conform to the standards of your generation. This placement could also bring with it a twinge of autocracy or pompousness, especially if you experienced a military childhood or a strict upbringing. Try not to force your strict routines or disciplines on others; learn to let go of any inner authoritarian voice that is not sympathetic to your needs or feelings, or those of others. Learn a healthy humility, and remember that being firm and loving at the same time is the best approach to developing rapport with others.

You will likely have great pride in your accomplishments, with a strong will and heart that both need discipline. Your ego may lead you down roads you wouldn't ordinarily follow in order to find recognition; remember not to let your Self get in the way of solving problems, rather gather input from other people and use your intuition when deciding between right and wrong. As a perfectionist, you have a natural eye for high quality and a burning ambition to create anything that comes from within your heart--indeed, this can bring you deep happiness. Learn to trust this inner creative spirit; don't let the dark side of Saturn get in the way of expressing your inner goodness and value.

Finding an outlet to express your dramatic Leonine emotions and creativity will be the key to your happiness, and you may even be denied love or spirituality until you find that release of energy or flow. Solitude may help, as you may learn to overcome any obstacles to your growth by pushing through Saturn's outer limits to find and discard any ultimate barriers to peace and happiness. Saturn rules the bones and Leo rules the back and spine, so be kind to these parts of your body. Exercise regularly and sit up straight to develop a strong posture.

Saturn in the Third House

The mind is the focal point for Gemini, ruler of the Third House, and its usual qualities are brilliance in need of stimulation, flightiness, diversity, superficiality, duality--and lightning speed. Saturn here gives you a serious, penetrating mind capable of deep concentration, and an ability to funnel intellectual interests through great discipline and ambition. It adds a calculatedness to your communication, a questing mind forever seeking answers--you may be a student for life, although your education could be interrupted or delayed. You enjoy contemplating any topic with a conscientious approach, and whether through speech or writing, it is important for you to express your feelings and thoughts to others in a public way.

This placement tends to imply some problems with brothers and sisters, and you may have experienced some kind of sibling rivalry growing up; this could be due to some kind of loneliness as a child which causes you to hold back from situations as an adult in fear of disappointment. You need to overcome this fear in order to find fulfillment, since what helped protect you in childhood probably doesn't do you any good as an adult. You may have no real relationship with relatives as an adult--this may extend to neighbors as well if Saturn is negative influenced by other planets in some way. Try to overcome this barrier by reaching out to neighbors and relatives in a way that shows your generosity and friendliness.

You may enjoy short-term travel related to business rather than pleasure. Some people with this placement are attracted to careers involving science and math, enjoying the methodical, practical approach to solving problems. Although school is emphasized here, there was probably some kind of disruption experienced earlier in your life, or perhaps you hated school or were unhappy there. Hopefully, you were able to overcome any obstacles in achieving your education and were able to reach a position of responsibility on your own--despite any seeming limitations or weaknesses. Don't weaken and blame any of your failures on your education; there are no real excuses, you just need to change your attitude in order to change your life. Stick to the sensible, practical route that Saturn dictates, and make cautious long-term plans.

Sagittarius ruling Seventh House

As a Gemini rising, and with Sagittarius on the cusp of the house of partnerships, it is important for you to channel your mental energy so that you don't become restless and fritter away your time and money on relationshps and people that don't have a real lasting value to you. Although you don't have a longing for close and binding ties, you do enjoy growth and find happiness in a marriage or partnership where you can have freedom alongside a sense of belonging. You enjoy companionship and company more than sex, and are constantly moving, which can result in unstable nerves or insecurity if there's not a strong enough foundation to build upon. Most of all you need strong insight into your own character, and the realization that even though you may want to stay single and find it difficult to love only one, you can benefit through marriage--psychologically and materially.

Uranus in Gemini

The planet Uranus spends a total of seven years in each sign, and hence has more of a generational influence on you rather than a personal influence. People who were born with Uranus in Gemini between the years of 1942-1949, like you, should exhibit some similar characteristics, such as a restlessness, originality, and versatility--they can do many tasks at once, like to carefully think about different ideas, and may like to physically walk around a lot rather than sit still. These people also enjoy travelling, and enjoy meeting new people and discussing new ideas with them. They also like to pioneer their own new concepts, and can't stress enough the importance of education. Their main task is to find an outlet for their nervous energy, to communicate it verbally or through writing, or it can begin to border on the eccentric and strange. This energy can be found at the end of World War II and the beginning of the rebuilding effort that went on in Europe and Japan. In the U.S., the economy started its jittery recovery after the war officially ended in 1945.

Uranus conjunct Ascendant

You are very tolerant of others, unless they restrict you in any way, then you may turn against them since you insist on having your personal freedom. You are exceptionally bright, even genius, but guard against being arrogant as this may alienate you from others. You are also likely eccentric and have unusual tastes, heightened intuition, and may even have a gift for astrology or some other form of spiritual practice. Though your early childhood was independent and free, it was also marked by sudden and unexpected changes; you may have moved a great deal or experienced other disruptions.

Neptune in Libra

Because the planet Neptune spends about 14 years in each sign, its influence on each individual is felt more as a 'generational' influence here rather than as a personal effect. In other words, this mystical planet is said to affect trends in the collective unconscious and spirituality in the charts of peers who have this planet placed in a given sign. For people born with Neptune in Libra (1943-1957), like you, the effects of this planet are generally said to produce socially responsible individuals who are blessed with artistic talents, a compassionate nature, and a creative imagination that enjoys friendships and especially partnerships such as marriage. The spirit of Libra finds its fulfillment through beauty and harmony, and coupled with Neptune, this placement is a dreamy one of idealism, imagination, inner consciousness and an intuitive responsiveness to art and music, which changed form drastically during this time. This was the birth of the flower power generation of the late sixties and early '70s, and produced the hippies--people full of harmony, peace and love, yet also impractical wisdom and self-deceptive illusions. This generation also influenced the giant shifts in terms of marriage, divorce, and attitudes towards partnerships in general.

Neptune in the Fifth House

Neptune in native Leo's house adds intuition, sensitivity and heightened creativity to an already exuberant and egocentric artistic nature, giving you a powerful imagination but a difficulty in concentrating or focusing your impulses, and not much in the way of common sense. This combination makes for a dreamy, colorful personality, but you are encouraged to use caution, as these people can frequently take foolish risks, such as romantic dalliances or gambling that leave them feeling like they've been riding on a roller coaster. Take some advice now: don't even get on the ride!

Your heart rules your head, and you tend to fall in love too easily, which leads to heartbreak and disillusionment; learn to tame your reckless penchant for secret affairs or unusual sexual experiences. Use your great potential to feel compassion and extend it to all living things--apply it to your relationships and it will help you out of trouble. Keep your fantasy life where it should be--in your head--and learn to express your feelings and emotions with freedom. You have deep insight into many situations, and have an almost psychic tie to your children, who are likely to be intuitive, sensitive, very gentle and impressionable. Apply your insights to the spiritual natures of your children and strive to be a role model for them.

Unfortunately, if Neptune experiences any negative energy here, this placement may indicate having illegitimate children, broken families, or psychological problems. Often this placement signifies someone who is in love with someone who isn't free. You may feel that you make great sacrifices for your children, and receive little in return. Neptune here may demand too much and give too little. Nonetheless, you probably would make a good actor, hamming it up, dramatizing life and playing out the many roles it requires.

Pluto in Leo

Pluto is a mystery to many, and has a subtle, complex and deep influence on individuals. Astrologers are still trying to understand it today. Discovered in the 1930s, this planet has more of a collective effect on us rather than a personal one when travelling through the signs. It represents a form of extremely concentrated power, like a laser beam of light that can cut through the darkest storm. Unfortunately, it also has a dark side when used the wrong way to manipulate or control the masses. It can be a source of healing or a source of destruction, depending on how we tap into its energy, and its transcendental power is usually hidden in some way--perhaps deep in our psyche.

Pluto takes anywhere from 12 to 30 years to travel through each sign in the zodiac, thus affecting civilizations and generations rather than just individuals. It affected you because it was travelling through the constellation of Leo (1939-1957) when you were born, thus beginning an authoritarian era when leaders and dictators needed to have control over others--Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito and FDR. For many countries, manipulation and ruthlessness dominated, until World War II ended in 1945. Pluto contributed to the rebuilding of Europe at the Yalta Conference, 1951-57, and also resurrected peace with the United Nations and the development of technology.

Parents born during this time probably were strong-willed and bore equally strong-willed children, though there may have been a tendency to dominate offspring or get into unnecessary power struggles with them. Though Pluto here may add a power complex to business dealings, it also puts emphasis on leisure, entertainment, adventurousness, and the baby boomers' tendency to 'show off' in their yuppie soul quest for security and style.

Pluto in the Third House

Because Pluto's position within the solar system is different from all other planets--it is farther away and has a different orbiting pattern--astrologers tend to view it as an unconventional planet, with invisible almost "underground" energy that can emit subterranean forces which need to be channeled and controlled to be used effectively. It is said that the house in which Pluto is found can be a source of difficulty if that energy is blocked in some way, causing problems that need to be overcome or purged in order to get on with life. On the other hand, Pluto's placement in a house can represent the highest energy level an individual can achieve in terms of destiny, as well as his or her relationship to a 'group consciousness' or life attunement. The planet can reveal the heights or lowest depths a person can reach, and can also determine how an individual uses or is used by its powerful energy.

Pluto placed in the Third House presents a conflict between being secretive and intense yet having a strong need to communicate. You may harbor a powerful curiosity about the world and have lots of questions, yet be shy about asking them. Nonetheless, you have much mental resourcefulness and will understand everything about your environment, even though you may wear a mask to others. You seek to transform your environment through your intellect and through learning experiences, but Pluto works to break down and build up, so mental instability is also possible. Your challenge is to channel any negative energy into a creative framework, such as through writing or painting.

Pluto here acts in a hidden way, adding caution and seriousness to your mind. You may have a tendency towards depression or negative thinking, which needs to be overcome. You may enjoy trying to probe the secrets of the universe, or uncover personal secrets of people. This placement makes good medical researchers, geologists, police workers, spies, undercover agents, and private investigators; you may also be attracted to psychoanalysis, counseling or criminology. Your profound mind makes accurate perceptions and predictions about people and situations, and you may be a good spiritual teacher, bringing light to others.

Some astrologers believe this placement means you will travel for secret, strange reasons, or that there may be a danger of accidents while travelling.

In a birth chart, we identify four different elements that point to different kinds of life energy: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The presence of these elements in our charts tell us something about our basic personalities and motivations.
In your chart, we find that the WATER element dominates.


Everyone has a certain amount of energy or life flow, which when manifested in an astrological birth chart can be seen as predominantly one of four elements: air, fire, earth or water. The ancient Greeks believed these four ingredients made up all of matter, and many other cultures and mythologies have also developed a reality based upon this belief. Though nowadays we tend to shy away from such simplicities and instead marvel in our scientific and technological miracles, you will undoubtedly find that one of these qualities make up your personality, your way of being, and your most natural expression in the world.

In your chart we find the element water to dominate, which means more planets are found in water signs or water houses, especially important planets such as the sun, the moon, the personal planets, and the ascendant. This means that you are motivated mostly by deep yearnings, by emotions, by unseen psychic nuances, and by feelings. Having a lot of water in your chart gives you the ability to get in touch with your own feelings, and at the same time, gives you an added capacity to experience and express true empathy and compassion towards others. Thus, you will find many people in the healing or psychic professions with a water connection in their charts. Water symbolizes the cooling, instinctual response and the sensitive nature a friend might show someone who is troubled over a broken heart. On a deeper level, it may reveal an intense yearning or compelling desire towards spirituality, love, or some other noble truth or virtue. Many times this "watery" feeling manifests itself unconsciously, where the individual is unaware of the power that really motivates him or her. The task for a person who has much of the water element in a chart is to get in tune with the deeper dimensions of life, and to channel his or her intuition into a positive direction that can help others, especially through empathy and psychic response. If you are not aware of your own feelings, however, it becomes virtually impossible to tap into a higher consciousness or to help others, and it is easier to become prey to irrational fears and compulsions. Watery people are happiest when their fluid is channeled and "given form" by someone else, especially by earth signs. They are repelled by the bawdy, burning fire signs. Watery people are secretive, contained, even if they may have storms brewing inside, which can lead to much emotional instability. Remember that water has much force and penetrating power if focused and channeled correctly. It symbolizes gaining consciousness slowly, and provides a deep stillness and reflection for others to draw guidance from.

The second most frequent element found in your chart is the FIRE element. This element will also shape who you are, although its influence is not as strong as your primary element.


Everyone has a certain amount of energy or life flow, which when manifested in your astrological birth chart can be seen as predominantly one of four elements: air, fire, earth or water. The ancient Greeks believed these four ingredients made up all of matter, and many other cultures and mythologies have also developed a reality based upon this belief. Though nowadays we tend to shy away from such simplicities and instead marvel in our scientific and technological miracles, you will undoubtedly find that one of these qualities make up your personality, your way of being, and your most natural expression in the world.

In your chart we find the element fire to dominate, which means more planets are found in fire signs or fire houses, especially important planets such as the sun, the moon, the personal planets, and the ascendant. This hot, radiant energy gives you sunbeams of life, and you typically enjoy direct action, lots of physical exercise, busy movement, and ascertive expression and enthusiasm whenever possible. Though you may need water and earth to sustain you, and a breeze to fan your flames, it is from the light of the sun that you gather all your warmth and energy, giving it to others in a powerful burst of inspiration and dynamic rays that can even be overpowering if not channelled properly. You may insist on getting your view across, and impatience and insensitivity are not uncommon with fire types. You are generally very strong, high spirited, high-strung, but needing discipline and an audience in which to funnel your source of wisdom. Don't rush into things too quickly. People with much fire in their charts tend to get along well other fire signs, or with air signs, such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, who can stimulate them into action and get them to respond to problems with intensity. You probably need to learn to think slowly before jumping head or heart first into any plan, although you are likely self-motivated and a real go-getter. You may be an entrepreneur, constantly starting new projects with courage and energy. The ego is strong here, shouting out "I am here!", and seeking affirmation to all who will listen. People may not answer, but they see the light that you bring.

Lack of Earth

As human beings we all exude a certain amount of energy, which in the birth chart is symbolized by four elements: earth, air, water and fire. Two of these elements, fire and air, and representative of the Chinese principle of Yang and usually are more dynamic, active, self-expresive, and can always be seen in social interaction, verbal expression, and physical activity. The other two, water and earth, represent the Chinese principle of Yin and show the passive, receptive qualities of life, often unconsciously and instinctively. These types of people live more within themselves and don't show much action without thinking about it first, and without using a lot of caution and intensity.

Some people actually show a lack of an element, in which case there is a side to their personality which is undeveloped, or something which they are not consciously in contact with and which needs to be cultivated in order to achieve a fully developed and well-rounded life. In your chart, there is a lack of the earth element, which means you feel uncomfortable just living here in the mundane world, and are not naturally attuned to the limitations of the body, the earth, or the "material plane" you see around you. To others you may seem "spaced out," but that's probably because your head is full of airy ideas and inspirations, or watery imaginings, truths and feelings--you don't have time for all this down-to-earth reality stuff! Practical is not a favorite word in your vocabulary, and sometimes you may have to scrape and scrouge to get all the basics--food, shelter, money--just to get by because you forget you have to do this in the real world, and they seem of secondary importance to you anyway. You may even rebel against all these seemingly unfair demands on you, only to find you don't really belong anywhere, and you may have trouble fitting in. It is likely you will find more fulfillment going on a spiritual quest, transcending the limitations of this earthly plane, pursuing your gifted imagination, psyche or mind and following it to its end--whether it be art, beauty, music, religion, or some other worldly pursuit. Just don't forget to eat, feed your family and sleep while you are on your journey! The biggest lesson here is to learn to keep at least one foot planted on the ground, or to realize that those around you--especially those with earth signs--can help you find your way in the world as you look heavenward. Also, a strong Saturn in your chart can help discipline any wild urgings

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